Application Screenshots

Screenshots of the functionality available.


Wallet shows you all the balances of the different currencies held in your account. Normally there will be only 2 currencies ZAC & Lumens. Lumens are used to pay for the transaction costs. The Bell Indicated by red circle will increase if there is a new transaction on your account.


This will show you a list of recent transactions on your account and the MEMO / COMMENTS.

Payment Select Receipient

With this screen you can easily find the recipient of your payment. Any transaction has to use the Public key of the recipient. Here you can search the name of the recipient. 

2 Payment value & Memo

Here you can specify the currency (Lumens / ZAC), the amount and comment to do payment to any ZAC user. Once the transaction has gone through the recipient’s bell will increase in value to indicate that a transaction has gone through.

Menu of Options Available

We have already shown Wallet, Payment and Transactions, Fund another account, exchange and voucher will be handled next.

Fund another account

You can use this screen to fund a new account yourself, this can be for a friend, employee or even yourself.


In order to fund an account you require lumens. Here you can trade ZAC 10 for 1 Lumen. Once the trade has gone through you should receive lumens to your account, it should be less than 5 min to show.

Upgrade account to Level 1

Up to this point we haven’t capture any detail from you but in in order to send you Money to your cell phone we require your cell phone number. This screen will capture your details, all details are kept off site.

Voucher Cash Out

This screen will send funds to your Cell Phone which you can use or exchange for cash at the merchants listed. Please verify your cell phone number.


Everything is dependent on the Private Key. It is used to sign your transactions. If you dont have that your account is useless, even to us because we don’t have it. Here you can view and print your keys to keep safe.