Benefits of a ZAC accounts

ZAC Accounts have many benefits to traditional accounts

No Monthly costs, take control of your account with no unsolicited withdrawals, quick cash out to cell phone money voucher, send ZAC to other accounts within seconds, irreversible transactions and most of all Secure. ZAC is the future of small trades.

No monthly costs

Your Crypto account does not have monthly costs which means you are in control of your account no-one else.

No withdrawals that you have not done

No unsolicited withdrawals from your account since any transaction has to be signed by you and you are the only one with the private key, no other transactions can happen in your account, so keep your password safe but more importantly, keep your private key safe.

Quick transfer from ZAC to vouchers

Within minutes you can transfer your ZAC to a cell phone wallet that can be exchanged for cash or voucher to buy goods. So no long waits to move your crypto back to cash.

Send ZAC to other accounts in seconds

Transfer ZAC to someone else within seconds, any account holder anywhere.

Irreversible Transactions

Unlike Traditional accounts, once a transaction is confirmed it's not reversible. Since it is irreversible you can exchange cash for crypto and visa versa.

Crypto is secure

Security is KEY. You have to keep a printed copy or even a handwritten copy of your private key somewhere safe. Ensure that your password complexity is sufficient.