Screen Shots - Registration

These screen shots will take you through the registration process


ZAC accounts can be created from pre-exiting Stallar Network Accounts. If you have Key Pair you can uncheck the GENERATE NEW KEYS if you are unsure leave them checked


If you want to see what ZAC is all about you can create a test account to play with, then select else select


Take the time to read the text on the screen. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  The most important key is your PRIVATE KEY. You need to copy / print it out. All account security is based on these keys. You would require your public key to reset out password. WE DON’T HAVE IT.


To pay another account you would require the public key as generated in previous step. To ease use we associate it with any name of your choice.  Here you pick a name and click on CHECK IF NAME IS AVAILABLE to verify its available. If you see as in this case demo* then its available.  This name can universabily used for payments in other currencies as well.


Here we encrypt your private key for storage. You can pick the complexity of your password. 


Verify Password


Up to now the account has not been created you need to press the Create Account Button.


An account has to be funded, same as your bank account requires a deposit to open. It can be done by bank deposit, and then we would fund it, or by another active account , even your own, to fund the new account. This is very useful if people want to have more than one account like a wallet.  On the TEST server you can click the FUND TEST ACCOUNT button.

Screen Shots